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Maintain cool temperatures to maximize engine life.

The cooling system maintains your engine at a constant temperature. It consists primarily of the engine coolant temperature sensor (ECT), heater core, fan, radiator, thermostat, and water pump. If any one of these parts malfunction, your engine runs the risk of oveheating and even melting components.

radiator repair

Our ASE-certified mechanics know how-to quickly spot any engine cooling problems and fix them right away, like radiator repair.

Radiator troubles are very common. Radiator failure usually results from rust and corrosive mineral deposits. When this happens, coolant becomes constricted and can't circulate normally through the tubing in the unit's core. Sometimes even the epoxy that joins most of the radiator's seams wears out!

We also see radiators fail because related cooling system "outside" parts malfunction or get damaged, like the thermostat and water pump, or the parts become loose, leak and crack, like the fan belts and hoses.

While we always try our best to perform a quick repair, sometimes the radiator damage is too great and a unit replacement is necessary.

The cost to replace a radiator varies depending on your vehicle model and year, and whether the parts are OE (original equipment) or aftermarket. On average, a radiator replacement job that includes the actual part, fresh coolant, additional hoses, and labor will cost between $400 to $600 for passenger vehicles, and $500 to $900 for SUVs. A radiator replacement can be avoided if you follow preventative auto maintenance, like a scheduled coolant flush.

overheating carTo avoid an overheating radiator, it's best you ask us to check your radiator and other engine cooling system parts, including the belts, engine coolant temperature sensor, fan, hoses, thermostat, and water pump.

We'll also look for uncommon occurrences, such as heater core leaks, coolant leaks, and overheated incoming air that can affect negatively radiator performance.

check radiator lightTroubleshooting

overheating temp gaugeWhen we troubleshoot an engine cooling system, we not only look for obvious warning signs, like brittle or kinked hoses, leaky fittings, blown seams, faulty thermostats and radiator fans, we also pay attention to your vehicle's symptoms.

For example, troubleshooting overheating begins by looking into your radiator for sufficient antifreeze/coolant level. If we don't detect any coolant leaks or see a low fluid level, we then troubleshoot "when" the overheating occurs, like if your car overheats at a stop or idle, highway driving, or both. In each scenario we're looking for reasons for poor air flow and coolant circulation. Hopefully we'll identify the problem right away, like a stuck thermostat, restricted radiator, or kinked radiator hose.

Coolant  Flush

If you want your car to reach 150,000+ miles or your water pump to last 60,000 to 90,000 miles, it's important to flush your cooling system to factory new condition. Simply draining is not enough because it can leave as much as 30% to 50% of the old coolant in the engine block.

Our ASE-certified mechanics take the necessary time to perform a coolant flush that involves removing any accumulated silt and sediment buildup in the engine block, radiator, heater core, and hoses. We only use the specified coolant recommended by your car manufacturer.

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Repair cooling system problems in Glendale, CA.

Our ASE-certified mechanics repair engine cooling systems on all foreign and domestic cars.

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