glendale ca STAR stationLicensed  Test  and   Repair Station

California licensed STAR Test & Repair station

star test repair station glendale caAs a California licensed STAR Test & Repair station, our auto repair experts have met high performance standards to help car owners in Glendale, Pasadena, Burbank, North Hollywood save time and money.

The "STAR" station logo means "One-Stop Shopping" for consumers to repair, retest, and certify their vehicles that have failed their smog inspections. No longer do you need an "after repair" retest at a separate "Test-Only" smog check station.

In order for us to be an official "STAR" station in Glendale, CA, we have met these criteria:

  • No disciplinary actions have been brought against our Automotive Repair Dealer Registration, Smog Check station license or the licenses of our technicians or managers.
  • We have meet strict testing and repair performance standards each calendar quarter.
  • We have passed performance inspections and monitoring from the Bureau of Automotive Repair.

Tips   To   Pass  Smog  Test

smog inspectionsSmog  Inspections

If you've received a DMV renewal registration notice: "SMOG CERTIFICATION REQUIRED" contact us in Glendale, CA. We are an official CA "STAR" smog test and repair station. No appointment is necessary, and we'll "smog you" in-and-out fast.

  • All cars, suvs, vans, trucks & motor homes
  • DMV Renewal smog test
  • Gross polluter certification
  • Test smog inspection
  • Repair smog inspection
  • STAR test & repair station

Smog   Test  Prices

NOTE: All our California smog test inspections include $2.00 ETF fee

All smog retests are valid for 10 days from our original inspection date.

  • $49.95Cars, SUVs, Vans 
  • $69.95Heavy-Duty Trucks 
  • $79.95Motor Homes 
  • $29.95Smog Pre Inspections 
  • $15.00EVAP Testing 
  • $8.25State Smog Certificate (SSC) 

Consumer   Assistance   Program

Financial Assistance for vehicles that fail their biennial Smog Check

The Consumer Assistance Program (CAP) provides financial assistance for qualified owners whose vehicles fail their biennial (every-other-year) Smog Check. The statutory authority for CAP is found in the Health and Safety Code and is implemented through Regulations adopted by the Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR).

To determine if you qualify for Repair Assistance (receive up to $500 in emissions-related repairs to help your vehicles pass its Smog Check inspection) your household income must be at or below 225% of the federal poverty guidelines. If you qualify, you would pay the first $20 towards diagnosis and/or emissions-related repairs at our licensed Test & Repair STAR station.

You can pick up a CAP application at our station. It includes the income-eligible table for applicants to determine if they meet the income requirements. You can also download a PDF copy from the BAR website.

Smog   Check   Deal

$10 OFF any Smog Test Inspection

Call us today at 818-241-2020 or contact us online to receive $10 OFF any smog test inspection on a car, SUV, truck, van or motor home performed at our STAR station.

$10 off any smog test inspection

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