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Reminder  Winter   Driving   Inspection   Checklist

winter drivingWhen you think about winter in Southern California, the last thing you think of is snow, sleet and ice. But if you're like many Angelinos who drive a couple hours to Big Bear Mountain for skiing and snow boarding, at elevations above 5,000 feet, you will get snow.

To be prepared for winter driving, we put together a list of checklist reminders to help you remain safe, cautious and alert.

Check owners manual

Make sure your vehicle is up to date on its recommended scheduled maintenance, including an oil change, and checking the coolant, brake, automatic transmission, windshield wiper and steering fluid levels.

Carry tire chains

If you're driving in the mountains or at high elevations where there is possibility of snowfall, it's always a safe bet to carry tire chains and know how to install them.

Check antifreeze/coolant level

In freezing weather, it's a necessity your vehicle's antifreeze/coolant is full, clean, and rated to protect at low temperatures. We can check if you have the right antifreeze/coolant for a winter trip.

Pack winter safety kit

When you live in Southern California known for earthquakes, having an emergency kit in your car trunk is a must. The same is true if you plan to drive to a winter ski resort, especially if the forecast calls for snow. Items to pack in your emergency safety kit should include:

  • Battery jumper cables
  • Extra blanket and warm clothing
  • Bottled water and non-perishable food
  • Large flashlight and extra batteries
  • Battery-powered radio with spare batteries
  • Highway safety flares in good condition
  • Basic first aid supplies
  • Tool kit (screwdriver, pliers, adjustable wrench)
  • Windshield ice scraper

Check battery

You need to check your car's battery, especially if it's near the end of its warranty. Check the battery cables, which can affect the battery's performance. Make sure the battery cable connections are tight and corrosion-free.

Check brake system

Make sure your brakes are functioning like factory-new. Don't forget to test your emergency brake too. If you suspect any problems, allow us to inspect your car brakes thoroughly. Be safe because accidents occur on snowy and icy roads from brake system failures.

Check interior and exterior lights

A blown fuse causing any one of your car's interior and exterior lights, including turn signals and brake lights, to not work is not something you want to happen in a white-out conditions!

Inspect the hoses and belts

We advise you can perform a visual inspection of your engine's primary belts for any signs of cracks, soft spots or bulges. If you find a problem, contact us and we'll have the belt or hose replaced before your trip.

Test heater/defroster

If a steady flow of warm air is not coming from your vents immediately after you turn on your heater/defroster, you should have one of our mechanics check your auto heating system before your trip.

Check tires

Be sure to check tires for excessive wear, including the spare. Also check your tire pressure, including the spare. If your steering wheel shakes at high speeds, you might need a wheel alignment or balancing.

Change wiper blades

If you're driving while it's snowing or sleeting, you want your wiper blades to function properly at every wiper setting. Change the wiper blades if worn or cracked and refill the wiper fluid. Do not replace wiper fluid with water because it will freeze.

Carry cell phone

Make sure your cell phone is fully charged in case you need to make emergency calls. Bring your phone's recharger cable and/or cigarette lighter adapter.

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